About Sacha

Sacha Clarke started out as a fitness instructor at 16 years of age from leaving school 1986 up to the present day.

But Sacha has also attained high standards in sport himself not only excelling at sport during his school life but also becoming the 1989 Junior British Bodybuilding Champion and securing a 12th place finish at the Junior World Bodybuilding Championships.

Sacha’s qualifications are:

  • N.A.B.B.A. - Basic and Senior Instructor
  • Fit To Perform – Circuit Trainer
  • Shape – Personal Trainer
  • GP referral with THE WRIGHT FOUNDATION
  • I.A.F.F.A. – Nutrition For Sport & Exercise
  • ARNI Stroke Rehabilitation Qualified

Reasons for needing a Personal trainer

  1. You lack motivation to exercise regularly and your eating habits are bad and inconsistent.
  2. You need help to lose weight
  3. You need help to become healthy
  4. You need help to get fit
  5. You need to get big and strong
  6. You need to put on muscle

Sachas Diet

Meal One 8.30am porridge with raw milk, raisins and 4 eggs
Meal Two 1pm Salmon + wholegrain rice with onions
Meal Three 4-5pm 2 scoops of VYTAL WHEY PREMIUM protein with raw milk
2 apples + handful of nuts
Meal Four 9pm 2 breasts of chicken=wholegrain rice + broccoli

Supplements used  

Before training 1 scoop of VYTAL WHEY PREMIUM protein
8 Growth Hormone Releasers
1 teaspoon of VYTAL Creatine Monohydrate Powder
After training 1 scoop of VYTAL WHEY PREMIUM protein

Everyday supplements

Upon awakening 4 Vytal Testosterone boosters
4 vytal Growth hormone releasers
Before bed 4 Vytal Growth hormone releasers
1 Multi-vitamin + mineral

Sacha Training Schedule

Monday Deadlifts
Narrow pull ups
Bent-over Laterals
Dumbbell Curls
Concentration Curls
Oblique crunch
2x5 reps weight used 180kg
1x8 reps weight used 230kg
2x8 weight used 15kg
2x8 weight used 35kg
2x12 weight used 20kg
2x12 weight used 20kg
2x12 35kg Dumbbell
2x12 15kg Dumbbell
Wednesday Squats
Leg curls
Toe press
Seated calves
2x5 reps 150kg
1x8 reps 130kg
2x10 reps 75kg
2x12 160kg
2x12 90kg
Friday Bench Press
Bench Press
Incline press
Standing shoulder press
DIPS 1 drop set
2x5 reps 125kg
1x8 110kg
1x8 50kg
2x5 80kg
Bodyweight x 8

Aerobic sessions are 3 x 30 minutes per week used for Health benefits not for fat burning