Fitness Planning

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Setting your goals

Setting your goals

If you want to lose weight, bulk up your muscle mass, tone what you have or just keep fit, all these goals need to be planned in advance for the best results.

Sacha will consult with you before you start training to set these goals and help you achieve what you want.

Training Plans

Persoanl Training

From your initial consultation, Sacha will create a training plan that will help you achieve what you want.

This plan will form the basis of your training in the private gym and it will be reviewed constantly to make sure it's appropriate.

Nutritional Guides

Balanced Diet

As most of you know, weight training and cardiovascular exercise can only succeed if it's backed up by a healthy diet.

Based on your goals, Sacha will create a dietary plan that will compliment your training and help you succeed.

Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment

Once you have started your training plan and nutritional diet, Sacha will monitor your progress to make sure you achieve your goals.

He will make an assessment on that evaluation and adjust your training plan accordingly so you get the maximum benefit for your time and effort.