Vytal Digestive Enzymes

Vytal Digestive Enzymes
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Vytal Nutrition have put together five of the most important digestive enzymes to produce the ultimate combination which will break down all your nutritional foods and help you to absorb more protein to increase muscle mass and performance and help your body to burn more bodyfat when followed with a healthy diet.

Digestive enzymes:
Protease 100mg – Breaks down protein. Bonds with alpha 2- macroglobulin to support immune function when taken on an empty stomach.
Papain 100mg – Breaks down protein. Most beneficial as an anti-inflammatory.
Lipase 100mg – Breaks down lipids and improve fat utilisation i.e. increases fat burning and increases energy.
Amylase 100mg - Breaks down all carbohydrate foods including starches and glycogen.
Bromelain 100 mg - Breaks down protein. Most beneficial as an anti-inflammatory.

500 Capsules

Vytal enzymes are great for anybody who has problems digesting their food, has a high protein diet or wants to improve their immune system.

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